Tree Removal Service in Rochester, New York

Tree Removal
There are many reasons why a tree must be removed from a property. Flower City Tree promises to remove them in an efficient, affordable and safe manner. In order to provide our customers with the best experience possible, we make sure we are at the forefront of any industry advantages and knowledge.

Most business and home owners are not familiar with tree removal procedure and safety guidelines. There are many things to consider when performing a tree removal procedure. Each tree requires a certain approach with specialized equipment.

Removing trees in urban and suburban areas can present many obstacles and challenges. Typically trees in these areas are surrounded by valuable items and landscapes. When removing trees in these areas careful planing and systematic dismantling are required. Flower city tree takes pride in taking the extra time to make sure your valuable and sentimental objects are not damaged or disturbed during the tree removal process. Our highly skilled crew members use the latest machinery and techniques to ensure your home and other valued property is safe. A standard tree removal includes all brush and wood to be removed off the premises. The tree stump is cut low to the ground and all work areas are hand raked, Stump grinding and grind debris removal can be added for additional cost.
Tree Removal - Removal in Rochester, NY
FAQs about Tree Removal Services:
  • Is the Tree Service a member of TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association)?
  • Is the staff or any employees an ISA Certified Arborist?
  • Is the Tree Service fully insured?
  • Can they provide an explanation or the removal process?

If you are in need of tree removal in the Greater Rochester NY area call 585-205-8213. We have the equipment and experience to handle all your tree removal needs.
From the 1st call, to the first visit and right through to the clean-up at the end we can only give words of praise to Andrew, his team and Flower City Tree! They are prompt, professional and courteous - everything anyone would ask for and expect when inviting a contractor to their home. During a power outage the utility company had felled a dozen trees in our back yard haven. Having asked for estimates from 6 different tree removal companies, we were most comfortable with and glad that we chose Flower City Tree. They arrived on time, did the work FAST, and left the yard without a twig to be seen. Even after a heavy rain the night before, the yard was spotless and without ruts! A homeowner will not regret (and save a lot of time and agony) making Flower City Tree their first and only call for tree/debris removal. Thank you Andrew and team for making what was wrong right again!

Lorri Newman