Tree Maintenance in Rochester, New York

Tree Pruning and Trimming
There are many reasons to take your trees maintenance into consideration. Having a properly maintained tree can increase property value, prevent infestation, encourage fruit production, encourage tree growth and assist with the aesthetics of your yard. Pruning and trimming your trees regularly are especially essential in an urban setting. If tree maintenance is not done properly it can do more harm than good and also shorten the life of the tree. Flower City Tree has an ISA Certified Arborist on every crew to ensure every trimming and pruning task is done correctly and to industry standards.
Tree Branch Removal, Rochester, New York, Flower City Tree
Tree Branch Removal, Rochester, New York, Flower City Tree
Guidelines for Pruning Flower City Tree adheres to:
  • Tree health and safety is to priority.
  • No Climbing Spike, this can affect the trees health by puncturing the trees vascular system.
  • 20 % or less is removed from mature tree crowns. Matures trees can go into shock from redundant pruning.
  • We will not top trees. This is very damaging for trees; the tree can suffer from starvation if 50 to 100 % of its crown is removed. This will weaken the tree and make decay and infestation more likely.