Storm Damage Repair in Rochester, New York

Storm Damage & Emergency Service
Flower City Tree offers on-call, emergency tree service in the greater Rochester, NY area and surrounding suburbs.

Needing emergency tree service can be overwhelming. Nature is unpredictable and trees can suddenly fail without notice. Emergency tree removal is something we hope you won't need, but if you do, we have the expertise and proper equipment to safely handle dangerous trees or limbs. Our team is accustomed to working with fallen trees without doing further damage to your property.
Strom Damage Tree Removal Service, Rochester, New York, Flower City Tree
Emergency Tree Service, Rochester, New York, Flower City Tree
Do not attempt to remove downed limbs and trees in emergency situations. When trees fall they have an extreme amount of pressure loaded in the branches. Moving these branches may cause the tree to shift causing more damage or injure an inexperienced chainsaw operator. If there are energized wires tangled in the canopy call the appropriate services.

If you are in the midst of an emergency, please call 585-205-8213 for fast, reliable service from the storm damage experts